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Avviso di seminario: "A survey on cyber insurance"

Cyber insurance is a rapidly developing area which draws more
and more attention of practitioners and researchers. Insurance, an
alternative way to deal with residual risks (next to simple risk
acceptance), was only recently applied to cyber world. The immature
cyber insurance market faces a number of unique challenges on the way of
its development. In this paper we summarise the basic knowledge about
cyber insurance available so far from both market and scientific
perspectives. We provide a common background explaining basic terms and
formalisation of the area. We discuss the issues which make this type of
insurance unique and show how different technologies are affected by
these issues. We compare the available scientific approaches to analysis
of cyber insurance market and summarise their findings with a common
view. Finally, we propose directions for further advances in the
research on cyber insurance.

Dal 10/12/2015-15.30 al 10/12/2015-16.30 , IIT Aula A32

Speaker: Angelica Marotta

Responsabile: Fabio Martinelli