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Towards the creation of integrated authority files in the domain of science and technology: an Italian use case

Over the years, different organizations have developed and shared a number of authority files with normalized personal names (e.g. Virtual International Authority File - VIAF),inviting others to use these sources as a “common language” and contributing to improved interoperability among resources/systems. Nevertheless, numerous data providers continue to create and to take advantage of locally developed authority lists mined from the resources managed in local repositories and not aligned with external trustworthy sources. These authority lists often remain locked in local databases inhibiting sharing, re-use and interoperability of their data. This paper aims to present a use case on the creation of integrated and dynamic local authority files referring to the personal names of important Italian scientists and academics to be used within a federate Digital Library about Science and Technology. Terminology extraction techniques have been applied to a corpus of 400 documents in the National Centre of Electronic Calculation's archive. This resulted in an authority list of 700 personal names that was further aligned with VIAF and other authorities, such as Library of Congress Classification, via a manual mapping process, thus ensuring its interoperability and retrieval of bibliographic data and topics for each name. Future work will include the creation of CNUCE subject headings based on the list of keywords extracted from the CNUCE corpus and mapping to the Nuovo Soggettario and to LCSH.

UDC Seminar 2015, Lisbona, 2015

Autori IIT:

Iryna Solodovnik

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Tipo: Abstract/poster in Atti di convegno internazionale
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

Attività: Science & Technology Digital Library