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Gestione e organizzazione della conoscenza specialistica: esperienze a confronto

The exigency of creating Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) is noticed in almost all knowledge domains, where it is necessary to systematize information and documents by the representation and modeling of their terms, concepts and semantic relationships. Such systems are conceived to accomplish information retrieval, indexing, knowledge representation and sharing and terminological control functions so that they could be used by both domain experts and common users. The aim of this article is to show this cross-sectoral perspective by presenting research approaches for the creation and integration of knowledge organization systems in different domains and how the methods and techniques presented could be generalized and reused in other domains.

Bibliotime , 2015

Autori esterni: Antonietta Folino (Università della Calabria )
Autori IIT:

Erika Pasceri

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Assunta Caruso

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Tipo: Articoli su riviste non ISI con referee nazionali
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

Attività: Smart Health 2.0
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