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Internet Identity and the Right to be Forgotten: International Trends and Regulatory Perspectives

Internet is no longer a conglomeration of websites independent of one another, but must be considered as a combination of technological capabilities reached by man in the dissemination and sharing of information as regards general knowledge. Digital media have become contexts for the utilisation of information, as well as alternative spaces to daily reality for the use of a great range of services. Their introduction has redefined the concepts of space and time and now reflects the very essence of the individual-citizen. The book chapter focuses on the concept of digital identity which is evolving and changing, based on the experiences that every individual lives. The chapter further highlights how the digital identity includes the fundamental human rights such as the right to a name, the right of reply, the right to protection of personal data and the right to an image. In translating the right to personal identity to our digitalized era, with its massive use of social networks, we have added to the related decalogue of rights the right to oblivion, equally called right to be forgotten. The chapter continues with the analysis of legislations on privacy and protection of individual rights, making a comparative survey of different jurisdictions.

The Handbook of Research on Redesigning the Future of Internet Architectures covers some of the hottest topics currently being debated by the Internet community at large, including Internet governance, privacy issues, service delivery automation, advanced networking schemes, and new approaches to Internet traffic-forwarding and path-computation mechanics. Targeting students, network-engineers, and technical strategists, this book seeks to provide a broad and comprehensive look at the next wave of revolutionary ideas poised to reshape the very foundation of the Internet as we know it.

In: "Handbook of Research on Redesigning the Future of Internet Architectures".

Edited by: IGI Global - International Publisher of Progressive Academic Research, USA


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Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems
ISBN-13: 978-1-4666-8371-6 - pages: 32-46
File: Internet-Identity-and-the-Right-to-be-Forgotten--International-Trends-and-Regulatory-Perspectives.pdf

Attività: Consolidamento e rafforzamento delle attività tecnico-scientifiche in materia di Internet Governance
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