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Fourth International Symposium on Security in Collaboration Technologies and Systems (SECOTS 2014)

Collaboration relies on distributed systems that combine different resources, often provisioned on-demand for the duration of the mission or project, and that typically interact through the Internet.  Security is a fundamental aspect of collaboration systems in order to ensure normal un-interruptible reliable operation. Nowadays, collaborative systems use new technologies such as mobile devices, smartcards, wireless networks, high performance networks, cloud and grid computing, multi-agent systems.  These environments introduce new needs, requirements and difficulties related to security.  Hence, besides the well known threats of systems exposed on the internet, collaborative systems and technologies face several challenges in the field of security. This Symposium on Security in Collaboration Technologies and Systems, to be held as part of the 2014 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2014), will focus on security issues related to collaboration systems with emphasis on secure and trustworthy distributed environments, Grid and Cloud based resource virtualization and on-demand provisioning, multi-agent systems, mobile and wireless cooperation, cybersecurity and encryption for collaboration.  The aim is to have a dedicated forum that fosters closer interactions among researchers and users communities, providing an excellent opportunity for them to meet and discuss their ideas.  The symposium will address issues related to the security infrastructure and services design, implementation and operation.  It intends to address new security challenges and present new ideas and solutions addressing modern security requirements, specific methods of access control that should allow large scale multi-organizational cooperation, use of mobile technologies and smartcards, enabling intrusion detection, system recovery and healing in the context of cooperative systems.  


Dal 19/05/2014 al 23/05/2014

Attività: Sicurezza nel Cloud Computing