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Big Crisis Data: Finding Relevant and Credible Information in Social Media During Disasters

Crisis situations, particularly those with little to no warning, generate a situation that is rife with questions, uncertainties, and the need to make quick decisions, often with minimal information. Research in recent years has uncovered the increasingly important role of social media communications in disaster situations, and shown that information broadcast via social media can enhance situational awareness during a crisis situation. However, social media communications during disasters are now so abundant that it is necessary to sift through hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of data points to find information that is most useful during a given event. Processing social media messages to obtain such information involves solving multiple challenges including: parsing brief and informal messages, handling information overload, and prioritizing different types of information found in messages.


Available on http://www.chato.cl/research/vitae

Dal 25/05/2015-10.30 al 25/05/2015-10.30 , aula A32 IIT

Speaker: Carlos Castillo

Responsabile: Maurizio Tesconi