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Tipo: Progetto nazionale

Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

This project aims at developing a rigorous methodology and a language-based framework that will provide formal methods to support software engineers when they design, implement and maintain secure systems. This support will span all the software development phases: specification, design, implementation, validation, including verification and testing. To this end, we will study models and specification languages that allow one to formally express the many facets of online services and of their hosting infrastructures. The methodology we aim at will rely on logically based theories, on game theory, and on the formal semantics of languages. Our framework will offer tools for formally analyzing the behavior of systems, both at design-time and at run-time, and tools for securely composing them, monitoring their execution and evaluating/reducing the risk of misbehavior. The existing analysis tools (developed by the programming languages community and by the formal security one) are not up to this task but instead require significant extensions to take care of the distributed nature of the systems of interest and of the impact that quantitative aspects of their behavior have on the usability of software services and infrastructures.



Francesco Santini

Foto di Francesco Santini
Partecipanti Esterni: Silvano Chiaradonna (ISTI-CNR)
Dal 01/02/2013 al 31/03/2016
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