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Filter Bubbles and fake detection

The increasing use of the Internet and social media for the management of relational networks and for research and information sharing raises significant questions about the information quality. Eli Pariser, a specialist in viral dissemination of relevant content on the Internet, talks about the phenomenon of Filter Bubbles, where users are unknowingly trapped in protective bubbles created by search engines and applications, which adopt filters in an automatic and often implicit way.

The reliability and validity of content shared online are also threatened by another important factor: the phenomenon of fake, e.g., fake content and fake profiles. Bogus reviews, introduced to discredit (or advertise ) products, services, and events, alter users' choices and influence public opinion and, eventually, the market.

The main objective of MIB is to give back to users the control of reachability, authenticity, and relevance of the information available on social media and the Web. 

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Tematiche di ricerca: Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet


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Partecipanti Esterni: Roberto Di Pietro (Bell Labs Paris), Rocco De Nicola (IMT Lucca), Francesco Tiezzi (Univ. Camerino)
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