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Smart Health for the encoding, management and storage for Health records

The project Smart Health 2.0 is the integration of two projects “Smart Health” and “Cluster ODSH - SmartFSE - Staywell” and it is included in the national program “Smart cities and communities and social innovations”. The main objective is the creation of an innovative infrastructure, to develop different services for the implementation of new business models in the health and wellness domain.

IIT Rende is involved in constructing a classification system useful to formalize clinicians’ language for proper health information, coding specific fields such as primary care, rare diseases and chronic conditions. IIT Rende is also working on the construction of a regional epidemiological observatory for monitoring clinical pathways for patients, especially for patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases. 


Tematiche di ricerca: IIT Rende “Taxonomies, Thesauri and Classification Systems” Group


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