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Unità operazioni e servizi ai Registrar

The Registrar Operations and Services Unit manages relations between the .it Registry and the Registrars and between the Registrants and general users, in a proactive context of problem-solving. It also manages: 

  • Operational activities of the .it Registry;
  • Verification operations;
  • Management of correspondence and the relative incoming and outgoing protocols of the .it Registry;
  • Collaborates in the drafting of technical and legislative regulations for the registration and maintenance of domain names in the .it ccTLD;
  • Performs the tasks necessary for the updating of archives relative to domain names that are active in the .it ccTLD;
  • Interacts with the appropriate authorities with special attention on the certification of data and the production of documents relative to domain name Registrants.

To maintain an adequate service level the staff participates in the group team work of national and international agencies (e.g. CENTR, ISOC, RIPE, etc.) and is involved in outside training activities (generally intended for the Registrars), in collaboration with other Registry Units.