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Access and usage control in Grid

Grid is a computational environment where heterogeneous resources are virtualized and outsourced to multiply users across the Internet. Efficient and flexible framework for the access and usage control over Grid resources is a prominent challenge. Our primary objective is to design the novel authorization framework providing the fine-grained and continuous usage control of Grid resources. We tackle the authorization in Grid by usage control (UCON) model, which presents the continuity of control and mutability of authorization context. We introduce the policy specification based on the POLPA language and present the architecture of the state-full reference monitor. We examine the model expressiveness and trustworthiness. In order to show the practicality of our framework, we present a proof-of-concept implementation of our authorization framework in Globus toolkit.

Università di Pisa
Settore: Informatica - INF/01

Dottorando: Aliaksandr Lazouski