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The isolation and validation of miRNA/mRNA complexes to identify genes and pathways targeted by tumor suppressor miRNAs in prostate cancer cells

Contraente: Istituto Toscano Tumori

Tipo: Progetto nazionale

Algoritmica per bioinformatica

The challenge of the project is to discover through which mechanisms two tumor suppressor miRNAs control cell proliferation and survival pathways. As a reliable identification of miRNA targets using the currently available targets prediction tools (algorithms) has proven to be quite difficult due to the high rates of false positive, we propose to use a new and efficacious approach based on affinity purification of miRNA/mRNA targets complexes in living cells. The goal of the project is the experimental identification of Tumor Sopressors (TS) miRNA targets in prostate tumor cells and this should expand the current knowledge on the possible use of TS miRNAs as anticancer drugs.



Francesco Russo

Foto di Francesco Russo

Dal 01/01/2013 al 31/12/2015