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Big Data & Mobile Cloud

A large number of diversified source exist today, including mobile devices, remote sensing technologies, wireless sensor networks, social media, which generate large and complex data sets that must be processed at un unprecedented speed. Thus, we investigate new and effective ways to extract valuable knowledge from the analysis of big data, with special focus on cyber-physical systems such as Smart Grids and online social networks. Furthermore, mobile devices at the edge of the network are not only providers of information but of general resources, including computing. Thus, users’ mobile devices can exploit self-organizing capabilities for exploiting computing resources made available by each other through direct communication. Mobile clouds thus realise the opportunistic computing paradigm, where users’ mobile devices build complex pervasive services that utilize, and when necessary compose, the services and processing capacities in the surrounding environment. This activity investigates the technical challenges in building this mobile cloud computing vision, from the networking, computing, and data management aspects.



Tematiche di ricerca: Ubiquitous Internet


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