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Reply to Lopez et al: Sustainable Implementation of Taxi Sharing Requires Understanding Systemic Effects

Recent advances in information technologies have increased our participation in “sharing economies,” where applications that allow networked, real-time data exchange facilitate the sharing of living spaces, equipment, or vehicles with others. However, the impact of large-scale sharing on sustainability is not clear, and a framework to assess its benefits quantitatively is missing. For this purpose, we propose the method of shareability networks, which translates spatio-temporal sharing problems into a graph-theoretic framework that provides efficient solutions. Applying this method to a dataset of 150 million taxi trips in New York City, our simulations reveal the vast potential of a new taxi system in which trips are routinely shareable while keeping passenger discomfort low in terms of prolonged travel time.

Proceedings National Academy of Science, 2014

Autori esterni: Carlo Ratti (MIT), Michael Szell (MIT), Steven Strogatz (Cornell University), Stanislav Sobolevsky (MIT)
Autori IIT:

Tipo: Articoli su riviste ISI
Area di disciplina: Computer Science & Engineering

Attività: Algoritmica per reti wireless