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Progetto Premiale e-SHS ICT for Social Health and Solidarity

Tipo: Progetto nazionale

Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

The realization of a Smart City is a very complex and a long-term process: it is necessary a fundamental understanding of the local reality, the needs of the community and of the single persons, of the critical issues and the services that must be managed and secured. The e-health services are a fundamental step towards the realization of a smart city in terms of social health. In this context, the e-SHS project not only takes care of e-health services, particularly for frail individuals, but it offers innovative tools for their social inclusion and for an increased social solidarity. The main objective of e-SHS is the realization of a platform of personal and customized services based on the use of innovative and non-invasive ICT technologies in the field of health and social solidarity. The system is user-patient centred (persons proned to clinical risks and/or to a social exclusion), in the sense that services are defined and developed for monitoring and supporting his illness and his lifestyle in order to improve his quality of life and to increase the autonomy and independence in his daily activities, both at home and in outdoor environments.



Dal 01/07/2014 al 30/06/2015