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Established in Florence in 1990, Dedalus Spa is today at the head of a leading national healthcare software industrial Group, with many important roles in all public and private health market segments, a sector that is of strategic importance for the national economy. 
Since 2006 Dedalus has been pursuing a project for bringing together the best companies of the Italian healthcare ICT: Avelco, Ingenius, Intema Sanità, Metafora Informatica,Millennium, Radiosity, Sicilia Sistemi Tecnologie, Sago Informatica Sanitaria, Synapsis and Eurosoft Informatica Medica, and the 7 companies connected to the same. This process was carried out with the objective of overcoming the existing market fragmentation, and becoming an important reference point of excellence, with important research and development investment capabilities: an information technology company focused on healthcare, but also capable of competing on the international markets. 
Since 2009, Dedalus began the international penetration based on the best strategic product (Interoperability and Cooperation Platform), named X1.V1. 
With over 200 products installed in Italy and abroad, Dedalus designs solutions for the image diagnostic sector, and has an important role also in Hospital-Territory integration systems, with a presence in almost all the Regions implementing important projects of interoperability and cooperation among the various healthcare establishments, such as hospitals, general practitioners and ASL units. Dedalus is capable of consistently strengthening its position in each of these segments thanks to its innovative approach, based on the development of software aimed at ensuring interoperability and cooperation among general medicine systems and hospital systems, facilitating the optimisation of administrative management, as well as the provision of the best healthcare, thanks to a constant real time exchange of fundamental patient data, during all the stages of their life: from birth, to the growing up stage, to maturity and old age.
Today Dedalus is market leader in software systems for General Practitioners and primary care Paediatricians (through Millennium srl), with 23,000 Doctors using the products, in software systems for private healthcare units, with a customer base of over 250 units, in Italy with 500 Public Hospitals, 20 Chemotherapy Local Area Unit, 500 Operating rooms, 55 EMR Specialty Configurations, 280 Test Laboratories, 120 Pathology Departments, 20 Interoperability and Cooperation platforms, in South Africa with 60 Hospitals, in China with 50 Hospitals.

The collaboration is focused on the porting of the interoperability and cooperation platform, X1.V1, on the Cloud, with particular attention to the security aspects. Dedalus will provide the technical support necessary to port this platform on the Cloud and to define security and privacy policies in the real eHealth scenario.


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