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PiCS - Piattaforme Cloud Sicure per applicazioni critiche: il caso del Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico

Tipo: Progetto nazionale

Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

The project aims to study and develop a cloud solution based on open source tools for the execution of a platform supporting interoperability and cooperation among hospital units and territorial units, with particular attention to the elasticity of the system (i.e., the ability to quickly respond to workload peaks of the system) and to security aspects .

The adopted interoperability platform is the commercial product X1.V1, provided by DEDALUS, which is characterized by an highly modular and distributed architecture, based on a Service Oriented approach. The X1.V1 platform supports the application flows of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and of the Health Dossier (Official Gazette no. 71 of March 26, 2009). It involves the interaction of different software modules of a clinical health information system (Data Repository, Registry, operators and patient registry, electronic medical records , etc.) and the involvement of different stakeholders (GPs, hospital doctors, government and the citizen). Given the heterogeneity of the actors and of the modules involved, both the strategy for the distribution of the X1.V1 platform components on Cloud infrastructure, and the study of an advanced security support to ensure the complete data protection, are therefore of great interest from the technical, scientific and commercial points of view.




Emanuel Marzini

Foto di Emanuel Marzini
Partecipanti Esterni: Davide Guerri (Dedalus SPA), Sergio Di Bona (Dedalus SPA), Marco Lettere (Dedalus SPA),
Dal 01/11/2012 al 31/10/2014
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