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ARS Technomedia: Algorithms for techno-mediated social networks

Tipo: Progetto nazionale

Metodi e algoritmi efficienti per la risoluzione di problemi complessi

The ARS Technomedia project's objective is to analyze problems and design algorithms for techno-mediated social networks, such as online social networks, mobile social networks, etc. More specifically, the CNR Pisa unit will work on the analysis of opportunistic social networks, where messages are exchanged by means of short-range wireless links (e.g., WiFi and Bluetooth). We will investigate issues such as the speed of information diffusion in such networks, as well as solutions to provide innovative social networking solutions without compromising user privacy and security.

Funding: The ARS Technomedia project has been funded by the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research under the PRIN 2010-2011 program.


Partecipanti Esterni: Alessandro Panconesi, Computer Science Department, University of Rome La Sapienza
Dal 01/02/2013 al 31/01/2016

Note: PRIN 2010-11