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Privacy of multi-subject Personal Data

The digitalization of business, public and personal services, the widespreading of social networks, and many other factors resulted in a huge and continuous production of personal data. The creation of services where users store personal data and exploit them as input for applications requires to impose constraints on personal data usage in order to protect the individuals’ privacy. This introduces both technical and regulatory new issues in personal data management, especially in the case of personal data related to multiple subjects, i.e., containing identifiers referring to more than one person, each of which holds rights to control how these personal data should be used.

This research activity is focused on the study of techniques for guaranteeing the privacy of multiple subjects personal data in several scenarios, including service provider data stores, user-centric Personal Data Stores, Social Networks, online collaborative editing tools, and so on.


Tematiche di ricerca: Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

Partecipanti Esterni: Corrado Moiso (Telecom Italia), Michele Vescovi (Telecom Italia)
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