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Optimal RANSAC - Towards a Repeatable Algorithm for Finding the Optimal Set

A novel idea on how to make RANSAC repeatable is presented, which will find the optimal set in nearly every run for certaintypes of applications. The proposed algorithm can be used for such transformations that can be constructed by more thanthe minimal points required. We give examples on matching of aerial images using the Direct Linear Transformation, whichrequires at least four points. Moreover, we give examples on how the algorithm can be used for finding a plane in 3D usingthree points or more. Due to its random nature, standard RANSAC is not always able to find the optimal set even for moderatelycontaminated sets and it usually performs badly when the number of inliers is less than 50%. However, our algorithm is capableof finding the optimal set for heavily contaminated sets, even for an inlier ratio under 5%. The proposed algorithm is based onseveral known methods, which we modify in a unique way and together they produce a result that is quite different from whateach method can produce on its own

Journal of WSCG , 2013

Autori esterni: Johan Nysjö (Uppsala University)
Autori IIT:

Anders Hast

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Area di disciplina: Computer Science & Engineering
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