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The Italian contribution to the evolution of the Internet - Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 16 November 2014

The advent of the Internet has been a revolution in the contemporary era, having given rise to an impressive number of changes in social life and, especially, in relationships. The presentation retraces the steps that brought the network to its present development. It was in fact from Pisa that the 30th April 1986, the first Internet connection was set up between the CNUCE Institute of CNR in Pisa and the laboratories and universities in USA over Arpanet network; pressing the enter key of a computer, the Italian engines of the Internet turned on, and Italy became the third largest country in Europe, after Norway and England, to connect to the network. History of the Italian contribution to the evolution of the Internet.

The talk has been given within the workshop "Trustable Internet as the engine for the dissemination of culture and industrial innovation" organized by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE and by the Consulate General of Italy in Dubai.


Attività: Relazioni internazionali IIT-CNR
Consolidamento e rafforzamento delle attività tecnico-scientifiche in materia di Internet Governance
Comunicazione, divulgazione scientifica e valorizzazione dei risultati

File: CNR_Dubai_Programme.pdf