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BarabásiLab - CCNR, Northeastern University


This collaboration has been initiated during a 1-year visit of Ph.D. Maria Elena Renda in the BarabásiLab - CCNR, at Northeastern University, within the domain of the so-called Science of Success.

Within this collaboration, it has been jointly organized and chaired the workshop Quantifying Success 2.0 (@ECCS 2014) http://barabasilab.com/quantifyingsuccess/2014

"Suc­cess is a col­lec­tive phe­nom­enon. You are suc­cessful because others around you believe you are." [Albert-​​​​László Barabási]

"We want to iden­tify quality rather than amplify the noise." [David Lazer]

The science of success tries to math­e­mat­i­cally describe and pre­dict what it means to have suc­cess and how to achieve it. Thanks to the availability of massive data on individual performance many scientists have been prompted to start exploring patterns that govern the path to individual success: social scientists, computer sci- entists, economists, physicists and mathematicians investigating a variety of topics, including but not limited to citations to influential scientific papers, emergence of viral videos, popularity of hash tags on Twitter, performance and recognition of athletes in sports, path to success for countries, prediction of the success of an emergent technology or a new product.


Inizio Collaborazione: 2013