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EU Project - Network of Excellence in Internet Science (EINS)

Contraente: Comunità europea

Tipo: Progetto internazionale

Ubiquitous Internet

The goal of this Network of Excellence in Internet Science is coordinating and integrating current researchinitiatives aimed at achieving a deeper multidisciplinary understanding of the development of theInternet as a societal and technological artefact, whose evolution is increasingly interwined with that ofhuman societies. Its main objective is to allow an open and productive dialogue between all the disciplineswhich study the Internet systems under any technological or humanistic perspective, and which inturn are being transformed by the continuous advances in Internet functionalities and applications. Toachieve this objective, the NoE in Internet Science will bring together research institutions focusing onnetwork engineering, computation, complexity, security, trust, mathematics, physics, sociology, gametheory, economics, political sciences, humanities, law, energy, transport, artistic expression, and anyother relevant social and life sciences.This multidisciplinary bridging of the different disciplines may also be seen as the starting point for anew Internet Science, the theoretical and empirical foundation for an holistic understanding of the complextechno-social interactions related to the Internet. It is supposed to inform the future technological,social and political choices concerning Internet technologies, infrastructures and policies made by thevarious public and private stakeholders, for example as for the far-ended possible consequences of architecturalchoices on social, economic, environmental or political aspects, and ultimately on quality of lifeat large.The individual contributing disciplines will themselves benefit from a more holistic understanding of theInternet principles and in particular of the "network effect". The unprecedented connectivity offered bythe Internet plays a role often underappreciated in most of them; whereas the Internet provides both anoperational development platform and a concrete empirical and experimental model. These multi- andinter- disciplinary investigations will improve the design of elements of the Future Internet, enhance theunderstanding of its evolving and emerging implications at societal level, and possibly identify universalprinciples for understanding the Internet-based world (offline and online), that will be fed back to theparticipating disciplines.

To achieve this goal, the Network of Excellence in Internet Science will:

  •  Coordinate the investigation, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, of specific topics at theintersection between humanistic and technological sciences, such as privacy and identity,reputation, virtual communities, security and resilience, network neutrality;
  • Lay the foundations for an Internet Science, based i.a. on Network Science and Web Science,aiming at understanding the impact of the "network effect" on human societies and organisations,as for technological, economic, social and environmental aspects;
  • Provide concrete incentives for academic institutions and individual researchers to conduct studiesacross multiple disciplines, in the form of online journals, conferences, workshops, PhDcourses, schools, contests, and open calls for innovative activities in this direction.

Dal 01/12/2011 al 31/05/2015