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P2P over Opportunistic Networks

Recently, the popularity of p2p computing paradigm has been increasing, especially in the mobile environments, due to the large use of mobile devices as tools to generate and share content among users. Several works have been proposed in ad hoc networks literature to optimize legacy p2p systems over a mobile environment, mainly relying on the necessity of a stable path between pairs of nodes wishing to communicate. However, in the last few years, resources limitations and high mobility of users have introduced a new networking paradigm characterized by intermittent connectivity and frequent partitioning: the opportunistic networks. In such a dynamic environment, where systems must exploit all communication opportunities to enable the users to get in touch and exchange data, the authors propose a novel definition of mobile p2p, which exploits context information to enhance distributed services. In addition, they present a Context-aware opportunistic File Sharing application as a practical example of an optimized p2p service over opportunistic networks.


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Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems