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Context and resource awareness in opportunistic network data dissemination

Opportunistic networks are challenging mobile ad hoc networks characterised by frequent disconnections and partitioning. In this paper we focus on data-dissemination services, i.e. cases in which data should be disseminated in the network without a priori knowledge about the set of intended destinations. We propose a general autonomic data dissemination framework that exploits information about the users’ context and social behaviour, to decide how to replicate and replace data on nodes’ buffers. Furthermore, our data-dissemination scheme explicitly takes into account resource constraints, by jointly considering the expected utility of data replication and the associated costs. The results we present show that our solution is able to improve data availability, provide fairness among nodes, and reduce the network load with respect to reference proposals available in the literature.

Autori IIT:

Tipo: TR Rapporti tecnici
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT-TR 06-2010

File: IIT-TR-06-2010.pdf

Attività: Opportunistic Networking and Computing