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The Registry has as its objective that of spreading, by its own communication, the culture of internet and the wider adoption of domains. The objective is not only to raise awareness regarding the features and advantages of Italian internet domains, but also to promote specific action in schools and with young people, already great users of internet today and future protagonists of the social and economic scene of our country. Special attention is also being placed on small and medium businesses, which represent the backbone of the Italian economic system and who can only obtain benefits from a better use of the Internet. 

The communication activities of the Registry, which began in 2009, continue into 2015 with a marketing campaign of the .it Registry called "Without a name it remains a dream", managed by H-Art Srl, the winner of a specific European tender. This initiative has been launched with the objective of increasing awareness of net use, with an eye on the micro, small and medium businesses which represent the backbone of the Italian economic system and which can only obtain concrete benefits from the valid use of the internet. 

An additional objective of the strategic marketing activities will be to favour and consolidate the relations of the Registry with the Registrars, not only through the plan itself, which is in reality a structured and coherent response to their requests and needs, but also through specific contact activities. 

The informational flow of the .it Registry continues also through more traditional channels, with the production of new dedicated issues of the periodical "Focus .it - the Newsletter of the .it Registry" (available at www.registro.it) on "hot" internet issues and including informational material intended for a popular audience of all the potential users of .it domain names.



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    Anno Autori IIT
    Internet è un gioco-Biblioteca Orzinuovi
    Presentazione della Ludoteca del Registro .it al Panel "Midì Edu Kids 4.0" 2019 Anna Vaccarelli
    Presentazione dei volumi della collana Comics&Science del Cnr realizzati in collaborazione con lo Iit del Cnr 2019
    "Il futuro nel presente: 'I Worktrends'" 2019 Anna Vaccarelli
    Il .it e le sfide dell’Italia digitale (settore vinicolo) 2019 Anna Vaccarelli
    Il .it e le sfide dell’Italia digitale (settore food) 2019 Anna Vaccarelli
    La terra è piatta, e io ci credo. Vivere all'epoca dell'antiscientismo 2019 Anna Vaccarelli
    Relazione su "Progetto Internetopoli" al Workshop Internet Sicuro 2018 Anna Vaccarelli
    Il .it e le sfide dell’Italia digitale (settore moda/tessile) 2018 Anna Vaccarelli
    Tour de Table - Centr Marketing WS - Leiden (Belgium) 2018 Gino Silvatici
    Tour de Table - Joint Admin & Marketing WG - CENTR Moscow (1/6/2018) 2018
    Tour de Table - CENTR Marketing WS - Warsaw (17-18 october 2018) 2018 Gino Silvatici
    Internet è un gioco- Città della Scienza 2015
    Internet è un gioco-Relazione Competenze Digitali AgID 2015 Giorgia Bassi
    Internet è un gioco -Genova 2015
    Internetopoli, alla scoperta della Rete-Didamatica 2015 2015 Gian Mario Scanu
    Internet è un gioco-Biblioteca Oblate 2015 Giorgia Bassi
    Internet è un gioco-Le chiavi della città 2015
    Navigare sicuri con il prof. Ittì - cartoon 2011
    Vado su Internet e dico la mia 2010 Anna Vaccarelli
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