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External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Unit

The External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Unit promotes the image, visibility and knowledge of the Registry and the .it domains in the national and international context, through opportune strategies of communication and information:

  • Plans, organises and manages strategic marketing and communication campaigns;
  • Plans and produces the .itCup, a national business plan competition;
  • Has been a co-organiser of the Internet Festival since its first edition in 2011;
  • Through the project the ".it Registry Ludoteca", performs training activities in schools to educate students on an aware use of the internet;
  • Organises both outside and in-house training courses, in addition to special events, in collaboration with international organisations (such as Centr, Icann etc.);
  • Manages (tasks of drafting and updating of contents) the .it Registry site and other satellite sites linked to the projects in which it is involved, such as the .itCup (http://www.itcupregistro.it) and the .it Ludoteca (http://www.ludotecaregistro.it);
  • Manages internally the drafting of the Registry’s publishing products, issuing the periodical magazine "Focus.it - Newsletter of the .it Registry" – a newspaper registered legally at the Court of Pisa; the Quarter .it, a supplement of Focus .it, issued three times a year on news, projects, special dates and events, the Registry brochure, publishing material, etc.
  • Provides for the planning and production of multimedia products;
  • Participates actively in special events, workshops, national and international conventions and congresses, both for marketing and communications activities of the Registry (Centr) and for other activities in which the Unit is involved, such as training;
  • Organises presentations and seminars both in Italy and abroad.

The External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Unit also coordinates the Pisan office of the WebTV of the National Research Council of Italy.


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