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Development of Cognitive training software for adults with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome (DS) is the most frequent cause of mental retardation of genetic origin. In the last few decades, life expectancy in people affected by DS has increased greatly from an average of 25 years of age in the 1980s to an average age of 60. In Italy, about 60% of all subjects with DS are adults. Adults with DS show a clear genetic susceptibility to develop Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), the most common cause of dementia worldwide.

Strong evidence supports the beneficial effects of enriched environment (EE) on several aspects of brain development and brain plasticity in the mouse model of DS. 

We have developed different computer-based exercises designed for cognitive training of adults with DS. The aim is to provide telerehabilitation through a Web application that users with DS can utilize at home to create an enriched environment to train the brain and prevent dementia. Starting from specific rehabilitative content (memory, attention, cognition, reasoning, visual-constructive and spatial abilities), we have defined a set of technical requirements for a cognitive training software with different levels of difficulty. Tutors can personalize the training depending on the skills and preferences of each subject using the most suitable content. Performance data are collected and can be accessed through a learning analytics tool integrated in the developed systems.


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