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SoBigData - Towards A European Laboratory On Big Data Analytics And Social Mining: Bootstrap Workshop

The big data originating from the digital breadcrumbs of human activities, sensed as a by-product of the ICT systems that we use everyday, record the multiple dimensions of social life. We need to set the ground for a science and technology of social mining – the process to transform the big data into high level social knowledge – which offers us unprecedented opportunities for understanding and managing the complexity of the global interconnected society we inhabit today. We invite you to be part of this one-day workshop, entirely devoted to discuss the opportunity of big data analytics and social mining from different perspectives, including that of policy makers, public administration, European commission, industry, official statistics, and research. The agenda of the workshop includes presentations from leading scientists in big data analytics and social mining, short presentations of case studies and early experiences, and panel discussions across the different stakeholders.


Dal 18/07/2013 al 18/07/2013, Auditorium dell'Area della Ricerca CNR di Pisa

Attività: Social Media Analysis

File: SoBigDataInvitationLetter.pdf