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Service Oriented Optical Network (SOON) Architecture

In this talk we address a novel application-to-network interaction for the provisioning of automatically switched connectivity supported by Control Plane (CP)-enabled transport networks (e.g., GMPLS networks).
The Service Oriented Optical Network (SOON) is the first fully-distributed service architecture expressly conceived for CP-enabled transport networks. The SOON mediation layer, named Service Plane (SP), translates application's service requests expressed in terms of perceived QoS and resources addresses in a set of CP directives at the boundary of the transport network. Thanks to the SP capability of decoupling network technologies from future evolution of the network services, the CP is unburdened of service-oriented functionalities and it can focus on the provisioning of connectivity services, e.g. Label Switched Path (LSP) creation. The use of the SP could allow new generation of applications such as Grid, and Storage on-Demand to move from ad-hoc research network scenarios to public transport network where the technology details are usually hidden to third party application providers. A proof of concept in a real testbed will also be reported.

Dal 08/07/2009-11.00 al 08/07/2009-11.00 , ISTI-CNR Aula C29

Responsabile: Fabio Martinelli

Attività: Architetture, protocolli e meccanismi di sicurezza per sistemi e servizi distribuiti

Note: Speaker: Piero Castoldi