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Organization of conferences and events

By means of the coordination and organization of major scientific conferences, workshops  and events, IIT promotes knowledge and dissemination of research results, establishing new forms of collaboration with research institutions, public bodies and private organizations.

This activity, planned and launched by the Scientific Secretary of the Institute since 2002, is aimed at planning, coordinating and organizing of meetings, conferences, workshops and scientific events at a national and international level, promoted or sponsored by IIT CNR in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The activity requires a significant commitment in planning and implementatingof the entire project, from the choice and preparation of adequate space for the event, to the care of logistics, the planning  and designing of graphic products to the realization of joint social events. The IIT Scientific Secretariat takes care of all organizational aspects as well as realization of the brand awareness, the multimedia content and editorial products related to the events.

For contacts and information: segreteria-scientifica@iit.cnr.it

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