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Sensitization of the Italian Internet community on the Internet Governance Forum process

Tipo: Progetto interno

Considering the importance of the Internet governance issues on the consolidation of the Information Society, the project aims to sensitize and educate and facilitate informed dialogue on policy and regulatory issues between the Italian Internet governance stakeholders (industry, government, parliament, research and academia, other organizations and civil society). The scope is to accelerate the active involvement of the Italian Internet community within related global organizations, forums and arenas (the European Future Internet Assembly, the UN IGF Internet Governance Forum, the ICANN Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers, the ISOC Internet Society, the IETF Internet Engineering Task Force, the OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the W3C World Wide Web Consortium and others).

The communication and dissemination plans of this project cannot be considered separately from the following deliverables scheduled :

  • The organization of the Italy Internet Governance Forum to provide a local oppportunity in the Italy that engages partecipants in debate on the Global Internet  Governance issues.
  • The realization of a dedicate Web site in how it informs the Italian Internet governance stakeholders of Internet governance global development and results. It's therefore indispensable to be equipped with tools which permit people interactions. Hosting a permanent open forum on line will be considerate.
  • The publication of output reports related to UN Internet Governance Forum.


Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo

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Responsabile: Stefano Trumpy

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Partecipanti Esterni: Carlo Cosmatos (ISOC Italia)
Dal 01/06/2009 al 01/06/2013