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In Bio We Trust 2009 - Bio-inspired Trust Management for Information Systems

Traditional security mechanisms fall short of what new information systems need. To fix this problem, two research communities have recently proposed new security mechanisms. One of those communities works on "bio-inspired systems" and is increasingly borrowing ideas from nature to make information systems more effective and robust. The other works on "trust management systems" and has been proposing and scrutinizing algorithms for information systems that mimic how people manage trust in society. Increasingly the two communities are working on similar research problems but, alas, they are doing so separately. Although there is an enormous number of potentially useful bio-inspired mechanisms that can be exploited in trust management, it comes as a surprise that bio-inspired trust management has not received any attention at all. Clearly, the dialog between researchers in bio-inspired systems and in trust management should widen.


Dal 09/12/2009 al 11/12/2009, Avignon, France