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Social Media Analysis

The main objectives of this research activity are the study and implementation of software for the collection of data from social media and the analysis and visualization of these data. In particular, we will study algorithms for the automatic detection of emerging issues and the identification and extraction of significant increases of some parameters within the time sequence observed. Studies  will be carried out on social networks and the relationships between the words used by  people through techniques of graph theory.

A study will also be developed regarding several  metrics that characterize popularity, activity and influence of the subjects observed within social media as well as the extraction of words or sets of words used in messages/texts, with their frequency of occurrence, in order to conduct an analysis on the use of words in social media over time and on a geographical basis.

Moreover we aim to create intuitive interfaces so that the user is assisted in navigating the huge amount of data collected and analyzed and can easily retrieve the desired information.

Among the projects developed, there is Social-Trends, a web application for monitoring analyzing and studying Social Media and their evolution over time; iTweet, a web application that analyzes the 10 most important tweet of the main italian newspapers and specify the engagement obtained from the tweets, according to an algorithm that considers the number of retweets, replies, favorites and the elapsed time from the origin of the tweet. The Fake Project, that studies the phenomenon of Fake Twitter Followers.


Tematiche di ricerca: Web Applications for the Future Internet


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Partecipanti Esterni: Carlo Meletti (INGV), Marco Avvenuti (UniPi), Felice dell'Orletta (ILC-CNR), Fabrizio Falchi (ISTI-CNR), Andrea Esuli (ISTI-CNR), Mario Cimino (UniPi)
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