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A Hybrid and Flexible Discovery Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Elements

In sparse wireless sensor networks, data collection is carried out through specialized mobile nodes that visit sensor nodes, gather data, and transport them to the sink node. Since visit times are typically unpredictable, one of the main challenges to be faced in this kind of networks is the energyefficient discovery of mobile collector nodes by sensor nodes. In this paper, we propose an adaptive discovery algorithm that combines a learning-based approach with a hierarchical scheme. Thanks to its hybrid nature, the proposed algorithm is very flexible, as it can adapt to very different mobility patterns of the mobile collector node(s), ranging from deterministic to
completely random mobility. We have investigated the performance of the proposed approach, through simulation, and we have compared it with existing adaptive algorithms that only leverage either a learning-based or a hierarchical approach. Our results show that the proposed hybrid algorithm outperforms the considered adaptive approaches in all the analyzed scenarios.

The Seventeenth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC’12), Cappadocia, Turkey, 2012

Autori esterni: Giuseppe Anastasi (Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy), Koteswararao Kondepu (Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering IMT Institute, Lucca, Italy)
Autori IIT:

Francesco Restuccia

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Tipo: Articolo in Atti di convegno internazionale con referee
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems