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SocialTrends: a Web Application for Monitoring and Visualizing Users in Social Media

Nowadays social media trends are becoming very importantto describe the variation of popularity, activity and influence of an entity.In this paper we define an abstract model which can be used on differentsocial media to compare metrics with the same meaning. In particularwe describe three classes of metrics: popularity, activity and influence.We also present SocialTrends, a web application (http://www.social-trends.it/) which collects, elaborates and visualizes social media data.Finally, we describe one experiment we have done to test SocialTrends.

The 4th International Conference on Social Informatics, Lausanne, 2012

Autori IIT:

Davide Gazzè

Foto di Davide Gazzè

Tipo: Articolo in Atti di convegno internazionale
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

Attività: Social Media Analysis