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EU Project - Knowledge Yielding Ontologies for Transition-based Organization (KYOTO)

Contraente: Comunità Europea

Tipo: Progetto internazionale

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The goal of KYOTO Project is a system that allows people in communities to define the meaning of their words and terms in a shared Wiki platform so that it becomes anchored across languages and cultures but also so that a computer can use this knowledge to detect knowledge and facts in text.

Whereas the current Wikipedia uses free text to share knowledge, KYOTO will represent this knowledge so that a computer can understand it. For example, the notion of environmental footprint will become defined in the same way in all these languages but also in such a way that the computer knows what information is necessary to calculate a footprint. With these definitions it will be possible to find information on footprints in documents, websites and reports so that users can directly ask the computer for actual information in their environment.


Dal 01/03/2008 al 28/02/2011
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