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Distributed authentication infrastructure

This activity includes a series of initiatives carried out with the GARR and/or NREN communities for the purpose of developing and operating a distributed infrastructure of AAA.

The following initiatives are in progress:

EduRoam (http://www.eduroam.it/eduroam.php): based on hierarchical international Radius servers to authorize wireless network access for international research and education community users. Anyone who owns a credential (for instance, username and password) in his home organization can access any wireless network belonging to the federation.

IDEM (http://www.idem.garr.it/): the Italian Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure federation. The main purpose of this activity is to provide secure access to distributed services based on the user’s home organization credentials and profile. The system uses shibboleth technology.

GARR-CA (http://ca.garr.it/): at the IIT a Registration Authority is operational on behalf of the GARR Certification Authority. Through the RA, IIT employees can obtain personal certificates signed by the GARR CA. The validity of GARR certificates is recognized throughout the GARR community. Within the framework of this activity GARR also provides a commercial server certificate of GlobalSign through the “Server Certificate Service” project of Terena.

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