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Internet Telephony

This activity makes VoIP accessible to CNR-Pisa personnel using open standard solutions, and promotes the implementation of large-scale interoperable VOIP infrastructures for research and academic institutes.

The solution adopted at CNR-Pisa is to integrate VOIP (mainly using the SIP protocol) with the existing legacy telephone infrastructure. From any internal telephone (legacy or SIP) it is possible to call traditional legacy destinations and IP phones that are present in any of the following ENUM trees “e164.arpa”, “nrenum.net”, “e164.org”, “e164.rtrt.it” or “freenum.org”. The phone numbers of CNR-Pisa are present on ENUM trees of “nrenum.net” and “e164.rtrt.it”, and are therefore accessible via Internet by anyone consulting these trees.

The VOIP promoting activity is mainly addressed to the GARR (http://www.garr.it/voIP) and RTRT (http://www.e.toscana.it/e-toscana/it/voip.wp) communities. Among the activities involving the latter, we also serve as "Certification Entity for VoIP-RTRT".


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