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Articolo Convegno, 2014

Luca Deri, Maurizio Martinelli, Alfredo Cardigliano
nDPI: Open-Source High-Speed Deep Packet Inspection
2014, TRAC 2014
Nino Verde, Angelo Spognardi, Emanuele Gabrielli, Giuseppe Ateniese, Luigi V. Mancini
"No NAT’d User left Behind”: Fingerprinting Users behind NAT from NetFlow Records alone
2014, IEEE 34th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), 2014
Raffaele Bruno, Antonino Masaracchia, Andrea Passarella
Offloading through Opportunistic Networks with Dynamic Content Requests
2014, IEEE Workshop on CellulAR Traffic Offloading to Opportunistic Networks (IEEE CARTOON 2014)
Nicola Nostro, Ilaria Matteucci, Andrea Ceccarelli, Felicita Di Giandomenico, Fabio Martinelli, and Andrea Bondavalli
On Security Countermeasures Ranking through Threat Analysis.
2014, Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security - SAFECOMP 2014 Workshops: ASCoMS, DECSoS, DEVVARTS, ISSE, ReSA4CI, SASSUR.
Marco Rospocher, Elena Cardillo, Ivan Donadello, Luciano Serafini
On the collaborative development of application ontologies: a practical case study with a SME.
2014, The 19th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW2014).
Elisabetta Biondi, Chiara Boldrini, Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella
Optimal duty cycling in mobile opportunistic networks with end-to-end delay guarantees
2014, 20th European Wireless Conference 2014
G. Accongiagioco; E. Altman; E. Gregori, E. ; L Lenzini
Peering vs transit: A game theoretical model for autonomous systems connectivity
2014, Networking Conference, 2014 IFIP
Gianpiero Costantino, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Santi
Privacy-Preserving Mobility-Casting in Opportunistic Networks
2014, PST 2014
Luca Deri, Maurizio Martinelli, Alfredo Cardigliano
Realtime High-Speed Network Traffic Monitoring Using ntopng
2014, LISA 2014
Alessandro Celestini, Gianpiero Costantino, Rocco De Nicola, Zakaria Maamar, Fabio Martinelli, Marinella Petrocchi, Francesco Tiezzi
Reputation-based Composition of Social Web Services
2014, AINA