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Articolo Convegno, 2006

E. Borgia, M. Conti, F. Delmastro, E. Gregori, A. Passarella
MANET perspective: current and forthcoming technologies
2006, 15th IST Mobile & Wireless Communication Summit
S. Bistarelli, U. Montanari, F. Rossi and F. Santini
Modelling Multicast Qos Routing by using Best-Tree Search in AND-OR Graphs and Soft Constraint Logic Programming
2006, Proc. 8th International Workshop on Preferences and Soft Constraints, CP 2006 Twelfth International Conference on Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming September 24-29, 2006 - Cité des Congrès - Nantes, France
C. Soria, M. Tesconi, F. Bertagna, N. Calzolari, A. Marchetti, M.Monachini
Moving to dynamic computational lexicons with LeXFlow
2006, LREC2006
D. M. Blough, M. Leoncini, G. Resta, P. Santi
NOWiSeNets: a Network of Wireless Sensor Networks for Internetworking the Physical World
2006, 5th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net)
M. Conti, F. Delmastro, E. Gregori
P2P CommonAPI for structured overlay networks: a Cross-Layer Extension
2006, International Workshop on Mobile Distributed Computing (MDC'06) - in conjunction with WoWMoM 2006
I. Chlamtac, E. Gregori, G. Iacovoni, D. Miorandi, R. Riggio, N. Scalabrino
Performance Measurements of Multimedia Flows on a WiFi-based Mesh Network
2006, 1st Workshop on multiMedia Applications over Wireless Networks (MediaWin 2006)
S. N. Foley, W. Fitzgerald, S. Bistarelli, B. O'Sullivan and M. Ò Foghlù
Principles of Secure Network Configuration: Towards a Formal Basis for Self-Configuration
2006, Proc. IPOM 2006, 6th IEEE International Workshop on IP Operations and Management October 23-25, Dublin, Ireland - held as part of Manweek 2006
P Favati, G. Lotti, O. Menchi
Regularizing inverse preconditioners for symmetric band Toeplitz matrices
2006, Numerical Linear Algebra in Signals and Systems
G. Bella, S. Bistarelli, F. Massacci
Retaliation: Can We Live with Flaws?
2006, NATO ARW Information Security Assurance and Security 2005 (ARWIAS'05) 3 Jun 2005 - 4 Jun 2005 : Tetuan, Marocco
F. Baiardi, L. Ricci, P. Mori, A. Vaccarelli
Short Paper: Policy Driven Virtual Machine Monitor for Protected Grids
2006, 15th IEEE International Symphosium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC 2006)