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Rivista ISI, 2012

R. Bruno, M. Conti, M. Nurchis
RELADO: RELiable and ADaptive Opportunistic Routing Protocol for Wireless Mesh Networks
2012, International Journal of Adaptive, Resilient and Autonomic Systems
M. Conti, S. Giordano, N. Hegde, K. Hummel, T. Karkkainen, F. Legendre, M. May, J. Ott, A. Passarella, M. Pitkänen, D. Puccinelli, T. Spyropoulos, S. Trifunovic
SCAMPI: Service platform for soCial Aware Mobile and Pervasive computIng
2012, Computer Communication Review
J.A. Martín, F. Martinelli, E. Pimentel
Synthesis of secure adaptors
2012, Journal of Logic and Algebraic Programming
Giovanni Resta, Paolo Santi
The Fundamental Limits of Broadcasting in Dense Wireless Mobile Networks
2012, Wireless Networks
Erika Pasceri, Maria Taverniti, Maria Teresa Chiaravalloti
URT- Indexing and classification systems” projects and biomedical knowledge standards
2012, Knowledge Organization