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Rivista ISI, 2014

Enrico Gregori, Alessandro Improta, Luciano Lenzini, Lorenzo Rossi, Luca Sani
Improving the reliability of inter-AS economic inferences through a hygiene phase on BGP data
2014, Computer Networks
Gianpiero Costantino, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Santi
Investigating the Privacy vs. Forwarding Accuracy Tradeoff in Opportunistic Interest-Casting
2014, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
E Chiavacci, F Cremisi, E Guzzolino, A Cellerino, M Baumgart, R D'aurizio, L Pitto
miR-19a replacement rescues cardiac and fin defects in zebrafish model of Holt-Oram syndrome
2014, Cardiovascular research
Marco Conti, Silvia Giordano
Mobile ad hoc networking: milestones, challenges, and new research directions
2014, Communications Magazine
Douglas Blough, Paolo Santi, Ramya Srinivasan
On the Feasibility of Unilateral Interference Cancellation in MIMO Networks
2014, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
Chiara Boldrini, Kyunghan Lee, Melek Önen, Jörg Ott, Elena Pagani
Opportunistic networks
2014, Computer Communications
El Baroudi Mariama, La Sala Dario, Cinti Caterina, Capobianco Enrico
Pathway landscape and regulatory networks of epigenetic regulation in breast cancer and melanoma. Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
2014, Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling
Chiara Boldrini, Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella
Performance modelling of opportunistic forwarding under heterogenous mobility
2014, Computer Communications
Paolo Santi, Giovanni Resta, Michael Szell, Stanislav Sobolevsky, Steven Strogatz, Carlo Ratti
Quantifying the Benefits of Vehicle Pooling with Shareability Networks
2014, Proceedings National Academy of Science
Emilio Ancillotti, Raffaele Bruno, Marco Conti
Reliable Data Delivery With the IETF Routing Protocol for Low-Power and Lossy Networks
2014, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics