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Rivista ISI, 2012

Konstantinos Mammasis, Paolo Santi
A Two-Dimensional Geometry-Based Stochastic Model
2012, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communication Letters
Vanessa Gardellin, Sajal K. Das, Luciano Lenzini
Coordination Problem in Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks
2012, Pervasive and Mobile Computing
M. Conti, RIM Dunbar, A. Passarella, F. Pezzoni
Ego network models for Future Internet social networking environments
2012, Computer Communications
Gabriele Costa, Ilaria Matteucci
Gate automata-driven run-time enforcement
2012, Computers & Mathematics with Applications
Carla Bosia, Matteo Osella, Mariama E Baroudi, Davide Corà, Michele Caselle
Gene autoregulation via intronic microRNAs and its functions
2012, BMC Systems Biology
M. Elena Renda, Giovanni Resta, Paolo Santi
Load Balancing Hashing for Geographic Hash Tables
2012, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
B. Falsini, L. Galli-Resta, A. Fadda, L. Ziccardi, M.Piccardi, G. Iarossi, G. Resta
Long-Term Decline of Central Cone Function in Retinitis Pigmentosa Evaluated by Focal Electroretinogram
2012, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci.
Conti Marco, Das Sajal K., Bisdikian Chatschik, Kumar Mohan, Ni Lionel M., Passarella Andrea, Roussos George, Troester Gerhard, Tsudik Gene, Zambonelli Franco
Looking ahead in pervasive computing: Challenges and opportunities in the era of cyber-physical convergence
Franca Delmastro
Pervasive communications in healthcare
2012, Computer Communications
C. Carpeggiani , G. Kraft , D. Caramella , R. Semelka, E. Picano
Radioprotection (un)awareness in cardiologists, and how to improve it
2012, International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging