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Articolo Convegno, 2007

Y. Dourisboure, F.Geraci, M. Pellegrini
Extraction and classification of dense communities in the web
2007, 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2007)
M.Buzzi, R. Rossi
Fighting SPAM: Italian legislation in the context of the EU Directives.
2007, IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2007
Bertagna F., Calzolari N.,Monachini M. ,Soria C. ,Hsieh S. ,Huang C. ,Marchetti A. e Tesconi M
Fostering Intercultural Collaboration: a Web Service Architecture for Cross-Fertilization of Distributed Wordnets
2007, First International Workshop on Intercultural Collaboration
Filippo Geraci, Mauro Leoncini, Manuela Montangero, Marco Pellegrini, M. Elena Renda
FPF-SB: a Scalable Algorithm for Microarray Gene Expression Data Clustering
2007, International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
C. Boldrini, M. Conti, I. Iacopini, A. Passarella
HiBOp: a History Based Routing Protocol for Opportunistic Networks
2007, IEEE WoWMoM 2007
C. Boldrini, M. Conti , A. Passarella
Impact of Social Mobility on Routing Protocols for Opportunistic Networks
2007, IEEE WoWMoM AOC Workshop
T. Gagie, G. Manzini
Move-to-Front, Distance Coding, and Inversion Frequencies Revisited
2007, on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM '07)
A. Marchetti, M. Tesconi, F. Ronzano, M. Rosella, S. Minutoli
SemKey: a Semantic Collaborative Tagging System
2007, Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization
T. Gagie, G. Manzini
Space-conscious compression
2007, Int. Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS '07)