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Articolo Convegno, 2015

Ilaria Matteucci, Paolo Mori, Marinella Petrocchi
1st International Workshop on TEchnical and LEgal aspects of data pRIvacy and Security (TELERISE 2015)
2015, Software Engineering (ICSE), 2015 IEEE/ACM 37th IEEE International Conference on (Volume:2 )
Matteo Mordacchini, Andrea Passarella, Marco Conti
A cognitive-based ego network detection system for mobile social networking
2015, 8th IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC 2015)
Stefano Cresci, Maurizio Tesconi, Andrea Cimino, Felice Dell'Orletta
A Linguistically-driven Approach to Cross-Event Damage Assessment of Natural Disasters from Social Media Messages
2015, Proceedings of the 24th international conference companion on World Wide Web. ACM, 2015.
Maria Teresa Chiaravalloti, Mario Ciampi, Erika Pasceri, Mario Sicuranza, Giuseppe De Pietro, Roberto Guarasci
A model for realizing interoperable EHR systems in Italy
2015, 15th International HL7 Interoperability Conference (IHIC 2015)
Antonino Masaracchia, Raffaele Bruno, Andrea Passarella, Stefano Mangione
Analysis of MAC-level throughput in LTE systems with link rate adaptation and HARQ protocols
2015, IEEE 16th International Symposium on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks (WoWMoM 2015)
Indrajit Saha, Shib Sankar Bhowmick, Filippo Geraci, Marco Pellegrini, Debotosh Bhattacharjee, Ujjwal Maulik and Dariusz Plewczynski
Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing data of miRNA for the Prediction of Breast Cancer
2015, International Conference on Swarm, Evolutionary and Memetic Computing
Davide Gazzè, Angelica Lo Duca, Andrea Marchetti, Maurizio Tesconi
An Overview of the Tourpedia Linked Dataset with a Focus on Relations Discovery among Places
2015, International Conference on Semantic Systems Vienna, Austria
Andrea De Salve, Paolo Mori, Laura Ricci
A Privacy-Aware Framework for Decentralized Online Social Networks
2015, 26th International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications, DEXA 2015
Clara Bacciu, Fabio Valsecchi, Matteo Abrate, Maurizio Tesconi, Andrea Marchetti
ASIA - An Investigation Platform for Exploiting Open Source Information in the Fight against Tax Evasion
2015, International Conference on Web Information System and Technologies
Elena Cardillo, Maria Teresa Chiaravalloti, Erika Pasceri
Assessing ICD-9-CM and ICPC-2 Use in Primary Care. An Italian Case Study
2015, 5th International Conference on Digital Health (Digital Health 2015), held in conjunction with WWW 2015