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HTML5 Day - Rome, 20th September 2012

HTML5 is changing the world and industries, from automotive to publication, (mobile) communication, TV etc.
The “HTML5 Day” event is centred on a keynote presentation from Michael[tm] Smith, a key W3C team member for the HTML5 effort. The event will be an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in HTML5 and related technologies, and about the current thinking about HTML.next, the future to come after HTML5. The event will give you the opportunity to know what is going on in the “HTML5 world”.

The event is organized by W3C Italy, hosted by C.N.R. and jointly organized by Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell' Informazione "A. Faedo" (ISTI) and Istituto di Informatica e Telematica (IIT) and it will take place at Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum in Rome. The event is free, however anyone interested must register.


Dal 20/09/2012 al 20/09/2012, Roma, Università Pontificia Regina Apostolorum

Attività: Ufficio Italiano W3C