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Social networks: opportunities and challenges for blind people

Social interaction is important for everyone, including the differently-abled. Social network applications are reshaping ways of communicating, interacting, studying, working, sharing information, and keeping in touch. Social networks as well as Web 2.0 applications have been changing people’s relationships and communication. Unfortunately, these applications are usually  visually oriented,  designed for people who can see, and generally use graphical elements to convey information. Furthermore, the User Interfaces (UIs) are increasingly rich in information, functions and data which are updated frequently. These dynamic and complex UIs can lead to difficulties and issues in terms of accessibility and usability for people who must interact via assistive technologies. In this talk we discuss how blind persons, using screen readers and voice synthesizers, are able to interact with social networks (such as Facebook) and micro-blogging platforms  (such as Twitter). In particular, we discuss some electronic barriers we should be aware of  and suggest solutions for designers, in order to remove them and facilitate the use of social networks.

Workshop ABF Challenges: La tecnologia al servizio dell’uomo: soluzioni innovative per aiutare le persone a superare i limiti imposti dalle loro disabilità. Scienziati Italiani e Americani a confronto.

Autori esterni: Barbara Leporini (ISTI - CNR)

Attività: Accessibility and Usability of User Interfaces