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ESORICS 2012 - European Symposium on Research in Computer Security

This is the 17th symposium in the ESORICS series. This year the Symposium will be held in Pisa, Italy, at the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of National Research Council (CNR), on September 10-12 2012. Several co-located workshops will be held in conjunction with the Symposium, on September 13-14 2012.

Computer security is concerned with the protection of information in environments where there is a possibility of intrusion or malicious action. The aim of ESORICS is to further the progress of research in computer security by establishing a European forum for bringing together researchers in this area, by promoting the exchange of ideas with system developers and by encouraging links with researchers in related areas.

Progressively organized in a series of European countries, the symposium is confirmed as the European research event in computer security.      


Dal 10/09/2012 al 14/09/2012, CNR Research Area, Pisa

Attività: Architetture, protocolli e meccanismi di sicurezza per sistemi e servizi distribuiti , Organizzazione di eventi e convegni, Metodi formali per la sicurezza di sistemi ICT

Note: Organizing Committee: A. Lazzaroni IIT-CNR (Chair), P. Andronico IIT-CNR, R. Casarosa IIT-CNR, Daniele Sgandurra IIT-CNR.

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