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Calcolo. A Quarterly on Numerical Analysis and Theory of Computation, Vol. 43 n. 1, n. 2, n. 3, n. 4

Under the direction of the Institute for Informatics and Telematics in Pisa, "Calcolo" publishes original contributions in English on Numerical Analysis and its Applications, and on the Theory of Computation. The main focus of the journal is on Numerical Linear Algebra, Approximation Theory and its Applications, Numerical Solution of Differential and Integral Equations, Computational Complexity, Algorithmics, Mathematical Aspects of Computer Science, Optimization Theory.


Autori: Vari
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Tipo: Attività editoriale
Area di disciplina: Mathematics
Dario Bini, Franco Brezzi, Bruno Codenotti (Managing Editor), Sebastiano Seatzu, Paola Favati (Assistant editor), Claudia Raviolo (Editorial assistant)